Training the Changemakers: Design as Core Curriculum for Medical Students

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Dell Medical School’s inaugural class of medical students will begin their third year of medical school, also known as MS3 . The radical redesign and modernization of Dell Med’s curriculum allows MS3 students to focus that entire year on a specialization that will enable them to be not just a physician, but a physician leader. One of the most unique MS3 offerings is to spend a year in a revolutionary Design and Innovation track, freshly designed and ready to break new ground. 


Wicked Problem

How might we train medical students for a health system that won’t exist until they create it?


Radical Strategy

Equip them with new skills to be change agents of the health revolution.




Design is a transformative tool to uniquely enable medical students to identify and address the wicked problems they will have to solve as they create a better health system.




This new breed of physician leaders will wield a creative, problem-solving mindset and  design skills that enable them to not only see the places where the health system is broken, but also take action to fix it. 

When they put their design skills to work, the health system of the future will put people first.




It’s difficult to start a program from scratch, and design is an unknown currency and unconventional choice for medical students. Launching the MS3 design program with a Master’s degree from the start would have helped mitigate the unfamiliarity with the power of design.