Systems Designer

Lucas Artusi

Lucas Artusi is a Systems Designer at the Design Institute for Health, a radical collaboration between Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Lucas focuses on understanding complex ecosystems in order to design cohesive systems of products, services and experiences that transcend organizational boundaries.

Prior to working at the Design Institute, Lucas worked at international design firm IDEO as a product designer, focusing primarily on healthcare products and services. He continues to teach design at his alma mater as an executive education coach at the Stanford

When he’s off the clock, Lucas pursues his other passions: hiking, scuba diving, tinkering on projects, Tex-Mex and sci-fi movies. He is a registered Emergency Medical Technician and wilderness search and rescue volunteer.

Lucas holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.