Design Researcher

J. Kijana Knight-Torres


Kijana Knight-Torres is the design researcher at the Design Institute for Health within the Dell Medical School at UT Austin. She is focused on improving the human experience through empathy, strategy, and design. Throughout her career, she has worked to enable people to live their best lives. Her approach includes deep listening and observation of people in their natural habitats, comprehensive synthesis, and telling compelling and engaging stories. Kijana believes that doing the work to build compassionate connections can empower people to help themselves and each other in meaningful ways. She has helped a variety of companies and organizations, large and small, form successful human-centric design strategies.
Kijana has a B.S. in Computer Science from Rice University and a M.S. in Information Studies from UT Austin. Prior to Dell Medical School, she was the Director of Insight and Strategy at Idean and Principal User Experience Researcher at projekt202.