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Virtual Healthcare Sprint School



Sprinting for Healthcare Innovation

Lucas Artusi will be a guest speaker at the Virtual Healthcare Sprint School.



Design sprints are agile, impactful, and fun. They go from "we think we have a problem" to "Here's our tested solution" in just four to five days.

We love that. But in healthcare, spending four or five consistent days on a problem is just not realistic. So we hacked sprints to fit the unique needs of healthcare and now we want to spread this tool far and wide. 

How? Join us for our beta test of the first ever Virtual Healthcare Sprint School! There will be six 1-hour sessions starting May 1, 2019. These sessions will happen every Wednesday for 6 weeks, with sessions starting at 4.00PM GMT.

Besides learning about how to apply design sprint theory to healthcare reality, you'll meet people from around the globe who are passionate about healthcare innovation. You'll get to discuss the future of healthcare, while learning a new tool that can be used to design that future with users as the focus.

There is no cost to sign up but hurry 'cuz spots are limited (Only 50!).