Director, Systems Design

Beto Lopez


Beto Lopez is the Director, Systems Design, and Co-Founder of the Design Institute for Health, a joint venture of the Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

Beto, a designer by trade, brings over a decade worth of experience helping organizations grow their business and culture through human-centered design. Passionate about the mash-up of design thinking and systems thinking, Beto is advancing the practice of systems design to transform the way health organizations work together and with others to create and deliver value to people.

Before founding the Design Institute for Health, Beto worked at IDEO, a globally renowned design and innovation consultancy. There he held roles as Product Designer, Project Lead, Design for Sustainability Global Director, and most recently as Global Lead of Systems Design. While at IDEO, Beto collaborated on innovation challenges with clients across many different industries beyond health and healthcare ranging from Furniture to Consumer Electronics, from Hospitality to Financial Services, from Sporting Goods and Apparel to Consumer Packaged Goods. He even took on challenges for Government Agencies and non-profit organizations working in the developing world.

Beto earned degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and prior to IDEO worked in automotive R&D, architectural engineering, and sustainable development research. He regularly speaks on the topics of design, systems thinking, and sustainable development, and is frequently surprised and inspired by his teenage son who dares to try things in adventure sports that he only dreamed of doing as a kid.