Interaction designer

Adam Zeiner

Adam Zeiner is an Interaction Designer at the Design Institute for Health, a partnership between the Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. Adam focuses on Systems, Networks, Design-Futures, and Information Architecture & Visualization.

Prior to joining the Design Institute, Adam held an extended Product Design internship at Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) on the visualization cohort of the Consumer Experience team, long-term contracted as an Associate Designer at Razorfish, worked in a multifaceted UX Design role at projekt202, did a bit of unintended freelancing, and then worked in an interaction-focused Experience Design role at Drawn (formerly MU/DAI).

Avocationally, Adam is a Board Member of The Design Futures Initiative, Lead Organizer of the Austin chapter of the Speculative Futures Meetup, and one of the founding members of vurv tech-arts collective. He also enjoys getting outdoors, getting tattoos indoors, and traveling as much as possible.

Adam received a BS in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin where he was accepted into the Texas Creative & TexasMedia Sequences and an Interdisciplinary Certificate in Digital Arts & Media through the Bridging Disciplines Program.