We believe in the power of design.


Welcome to Design In Health.
Experience the work and ideas of the Design Institute for Health.


We believe in the power of design
to solve the most challenging problems.


The Design Institute for Health is a first-of-its-kind institute born from the radical collaboration between Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin.


It was established because health is one of the last frontiers to embrace design as a creative, human-centered approach to defining and solving problems.


We believe in the power of design
to solve the most challenging problems
in health.


Through design, we provoke every aspect of health systems to work better for people.


Our embedded team of health design specialists uses creative problem-solving methods to deeply understand the needs of patients and providers, generate fresh systemic approaches, and rapidly prototype and realize solutions.



As an emerging discipline that is leading profound change in health, the Design Institute actively participates in speaking, writing, and presenting about the role and impact of Design in Health.